Health tourism

Health tourism develops in an extraordinarily dynamic way, and at the same time health-consciousness is increasingly strengthening, people pay more attention and spend much money on their own health and the health of their family members. To strengthen the above process and in possession of a large professional and organizational background, our company works to develop tourism and health together one of the leading economic branches in Hungary by the year 2021.

We have to overcome numerous and difficult tasks for the purpose of appearing on the map of international health tourism, but we trust in the successful accomplishment of our goals based on the leading motivations, market players, sales channels and SWOT analyses.

With the participation of our partner companies, we provide outpatient and inpatient services, locomotor rehabilitation provision, health protection screening tests and full touristic programmes. To satisfy your medical and touristic needs, please register on our website after having overviewed in detail and familiarized yourself with our website.