The MEDEMCARD is an internationally valid Healthcare Data Registration System

with the following advantages:

  • an immediately available tool in the field of emergency medical care
  • a modern and reliable solution for the digital storage of the cardholder’s medical data,
    the usage of the modern medical software supports the everyday professional work of physicians
  • the MEDEMCARD is a credit card sized plastic card, which provides access to and facilitates the online management of the owner’s personal healthcare data. The QR code placed on the card works as a key to the public access level.

The primary function of the MEDEMCARD is to support emergency medical care. During the course of that, the system displays the data regarded as public by the cardholder to the healthcare service provider or person dispatched in the case of an emergency by means of reading the QR code with a smartphone or other device. The multilingual function is an enhanced supporter of saving lives.

The secondary function of the MEDEMCARD system is to store the healthcare reports of the cardholder. This function operates with the use of a PIN code and protects non-public medical information. The function provides an orderly access and collection of the cardholder’s medical reports and provides useful information for medical staff during treatment.