If you choose Szeged your choice is between the traditional and the modern, and equally between Hungarian cuisine and that of the whole world.


city of sunshine,

city of palaces


You can spend pleasant days in the calm pedestrian streets amidst the monumental buildings, staying in either classic or modern rooms at the Saint John Hotel.

Or choose a real boutique hotel where perfect comfort is complemented by the addition of a culinary experience duly recognized by the Gault & Millau restaurant guide.  The chefs at the Tiszavirág combine the past with the present, serving highlight dishes of international cuisine based on home-grown ingredients from local producers to deliver fresh, home-cooked tastes.

If you are looking for reliable quality anywhere in the world, you won’t be disappointed by the Novotel Hotel, whose rooms in Szeged have wonderful views overlooking the River Tisza.

In the garden suburb of Szeged you can find not just an elegant hotel, but also a wellness, water fun and spa experience at the Forrás Hotel complex. Here you can enjoy everything you require for an active or restful holiday all in one location.

If you come to Szeged you don’t just need to see it – you have to taste it!

Start with Szeged fish soup, tasting a traditional Hungarian dish in an authentic fish tavern on the bank of the River Tisza.

You could visit an intimate restaurant reminiscent of the olden days and make a selection from the best of Hungarian cuisine. Why not try the  golden Újházy chicken soup, perhaps followed by a feast of pork knuckle roasted in a traditional oven.

You could enjoy a pint of Guinness in a real pub, the John Bull, where English and Hungarian dishes alike feature on the menu.

Or take a seat at a table on the sun-bathed terrace of the A Cappella confectioners, and don’t  by any means miss the chance to try one of Hungary’s delicious cakes.

And if you just fancy going for a walk, you could do it accompanied by one of the speciality ice creams from the Levendula parlour. Let me recommend cinnamon flavoured plum as a palate-stimulating companion on your exploration of Szeged.